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Hifadhi Biashara runs on SmartPolicy Platform!

Smart Policy Platform empowers insurance digital innovations that happen in Tanzania & beyond. Hifadhi biashara is Business insurance that insures your business for Material Damage, Burglary, Rent Payable, Money Loss, and Funeral Expenses!

Businesses can be insured by just dialing *150*01# on #tigo or even buying the product using the #DukaDirect e-commerce app!

The product is also rolled out on CRDB, Letshego & Akiba Smart Policy Bancassurance Systems. Soon Hifadhi Biashara will be rolled out on the Smart Policy Ecosystem which will give more businesses a wider avenue to buy this insurance at any broker or agent.  The product is backed by #Sanlam as the insurer and #howdenpuri as the insurance broker.

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