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Easy to use Business Accounting Software...

Smart Accounts is a very easy to use online accounting software. It can manage your sales quotations, invoices, inventory, payment tracking with your customers and suppliers and keep track of your expenses.

System is fully equipped with Client Statements, Ledgers, Trial Balances, Income & Expense Statements & Balance Sheet.

Smart Accounts can be used by any one who has a very little or zero knowledge about accounts.

It enables you to be your accountant for your own business.



Easy accounting module to manage your receivables, payables, income, expenses, petty cash and banks.


Makes it easy for you to track your inventory at single or multiple locations and also helps you keeping reordering level.


Makes it easy for you to maintain contract & its payment schedules, further automatically reminds your customers for payment.


Helps you track your prospects and assist you in converting your prospects into customers.


Helps you recording and tracking customer complaints and attending them. It helps you to take your customer complaints on top priority.


You can track execution of your ongoing projects with various teams working together. The system will help your team to regularly post the project updates.


Professional Quotes & Invoices

You email professional Quotes & Invoices to your clients straight from the system without using your emails.

Track your Receivables

The moment sales invoices are issued, the system will start tracking the receivables until the client settle their dues.

Track your Payables

As the purchase invoices are recorded, the system will remind your paying your suppliers according to the due dates.

Inventory Management

The system will keep track of your purchased inventory and automatically deducts from your inventory when the sales are made or the stock is used in the job card.

Tracks your expenditure

System will help you track your expenditure and can categorize them according to the cost codes.

Tracks VAT Returns

System will produce VAT Return reports at a click of a button combining all your sales, purchases and other expenses.

Easy to Use

Anyone can use this system even who is not an accountant or having very little knowledge about using computers

Powerful Reporting

As all various kinds of transactions are recorded the system will help you producing powerful reports for your perfect business decision making



Smart Accounts is the first accounting software to send SMS for payment reminders.


You can send email quotes and invoices to the customers directly from the system. Besides email payment reminders can be sent to corporate clients.

Mobile Money Integrated

Can integrate with Mobile Money Platforms for receiving Mobile Money Payments

TRA ESD Integrated

Can be integrated with your TRA ESD Machine for fiscalizing your Tax Invoice in an automated manner without manual intervention.

Why use Smart Accounts ?

The following are the reasons why you should go for Smart Accounts for your business operations:

  • It’s a State-of-Art Solution, already running solution with many companies in African Market
  • Easily adapt to the local business processes and operations in the best possible way. This is also one of the reason why the solution can be implemented quickly.
  • Very easy to use solution and can be comfortably used by your staff having a very little knowledge of operating computer
  • No huge or capital investment on Software Licenses & Hardware Infrastructure
  • No cost on Hardware Maintenance or Software Licensing or Maintenance
  • No cost on having huge IT team to support the daily issues
  • Saves recurring cost of data bandwidth
  • Saves recurring cost on the monitoring & maintenance of IT Infrastructure
  • Saves huge recurring costs on expert IT resources for managing such solutions
  • Easy expansions to new branch offices with no additional cost
Who are using Smart Accounts ?

Currently used by following companies:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Printing & Packaging Companies
  • Property Management Companies
  • IT Service Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Retail Companies
  • Corporate Companies

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