Onsite Examination System (OES) is designed to carry paperless onsite examination activity for the Banking Supervision Department of Central Monitoring Authority (CMA).The system caters end-to-end onsite examination activity for all kinds of financial institutions including for large & small institutions.The system performs the onsite examination activity for these financial institutions within the review areas laid by Risk Base Supervision Framework.Further these review areas areconfigurable to meet the specific need of CMA.

The system is designed to perform online onsite examination activity, collaborating the onsite & offsite teams together in achieving an effective banking examination activity.The system also assists largely in the planning process of onsite examination activity by Scheduling the Exam, Planning & Allocating the Team for the exam, Defining the scope & Assigning the work to examiners.

Finally with the effective planning & collaborative team work the system is able to generate automated Working Papers & Final Bank Assessment Report instantly and at the end of the examination. Post examination the system also supports in monitoring the negative remarks that came up during the course of examination.

Specialized Software

Onsite Examination System is designed, keeping in mind the various challenges faced in managing & executing onsite examination activities. The solution meets each and every facet on the onsite examination very precisely.

The solution includes all the stages of onsite examination scope, allocating the examiners & assignment   of the work to onsite examination   activity   the   system   performs   automatic consolidation of working papers, lead sheets and then results into Final Bank Report.

Online System

Unlike other audit software’s which works offline and standalone which are often time consuming & too cumbersome, Onsite Examination System offers a straight through online data storage without hassle of daily synchronizing.

The Online working also adds up to many advantages of avoiding time delays, online collaborations of teams, real time monitoring & addressing the issues real time that comes in the due course  of examination activity. The online system also gives the examiners the flexibility to work on the move.


Standardizes Examination Procedures

Onsite Examination System empowers you to standardize the activities involved in the onsite examination activity, which makes the system process & control oriented.  The system standardizes all the examination procedures for both Bank and Branches by their risk types. Thus to determine the scope of the examination for any bank, you are required to select the certain risk parameters and the respective procedures are automatically available for the examination. Thus the system makes easy risk base assessments for the banks.

Standardizes Examination Timeline

System standardizes the activities involved in the examination right from the first activity of the exam i.e. “Send a meeting request to the Bank” to the last activity of the exam i.e. “Submission of Final Bank Report to the Bank”. You can further define the number of days for each of the activity, which is then use to automate the examination timeline while scheduling the examination.  The process of creating standard timeline is to standardize the examination plan across all the examinations to attain effective planning & execution.


Easy Allocation of Teams

System allows you to allocate examiners for the scheduled exams based upon their availability.

The system automatically provides the available examiners according to the examination dates. Further you will have to only drag & drop the examiners from the available pool of examiners to allocate them for the exam.   Further system will provide Gantt Chart Reports to ensure effective resource planning.

Planning the Exam by Onsite Date

The strength of the Onsite Examination system is the flexibility that it offers to make complex things extremely easy. Like here, you can schedule the examination either by providing the “First Activity Start Date” or “Onsite Examination Start Date” that is the in between activity of the timeline.  Thus system allows you to perform bottom-up planning, which makes life easier for the planners.   Further system provides various Gantt Chart Reports to make examination planning effective.


Connects Various Teams Together

examiners according to the examination dates. Further you will have to only drag & drop the examiners from the available pool of examiners to allocate them for the exam.   Further system will provide Gantt Chart Reports to ensure effective resource planning.

Store Documents as Evidences for Review

System allows you to attach multiple evidences against your finding for each of the examination procedure, supporting with all kinds of document formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, DOC, XLS, PDF & etc.   System also allows you to archive your approved scope memo for your reference purpose.  All these documents can be retrieved at any point time by various search methods

 Instant Working Paper & Lead Sheet

During completion, the system can produce Examination Working Papers & Lead Sheet Summary instantly.   These documents can be produced in any form either in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML or any other standard available generic formats.  While extracting these reports from the system, examiners will have access to only their data however the examiner in-charge or the managers will have access to the entire consolidated data of the examination.

Thus system maintains various working levels to maintain the work secrecy during the course of examination.

System makes all the activities important that happens during the course examination, as system also produces a working paper report along with the communication log between the examiners, examiner in-charge, manager & directorate’s.     the course of the examination or after its

 Electronic Working Papers Module

System provides extremely easy module for writting working paper as if you are working in Microsoft Word. It will enable you to do the marking and bolding important information wherever necessary.   Further equips you with an ability to mark Positive or Negative Conclusions within your finding to easily trace and monitor them. These conclusions are categorized in following sections (but not limited to):

  • Board and Management Oversight
  • Policies, Procedures and Limits
  • Risk Measurement, Monitoring and MIS
  • Internal Controls

The system further equips you to attach evidences against your findings. These evidences can be in any format such as JPG, PNG, GIF, Word, Excel, PDF, etc.  Thus Onsite Examination System enables you to achieve a comprehensive Audit.

 360 ° View On All Ongoing Examinations

System presents Senior Managers & Directorates with  360° view of all the undergoing examinations with their real time status.   The superiors can further drill down their view to a particular procedure and check what activity and communication is been done on that procedure. Further system will allow them to provide their comments on the same.   This will make superiors to directly involve with any ongoing examinations and monitor them closely.

Instant Final Bank Report

Once the examination is over system will produce a well formatted bank final report within no time.   The final bank report will consolidate all the conclusions of the examination, Risk Matrix and CAMELS ratings of the examination.

The final bank report will be in word format, so that it enables the examiner in-charge to finalize it.  Further system equips you to preserve this final bank report for future reference purpose.

Post Examination Monitoring

Post examination system will facilitate to monitor negative conclusions that came up during the course of the examination.

The relationship officer will review these negative findings and will record his observations & close it as an when it is attained by the bank.

Further these negative comments would be referred in the next examination for the bank.

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