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ITL’s Integration & Development Unit (IDU) offers the software design & development services. The unit services helps you evolving business & technology challenges by defining, designing & building tailored applications to meet your business requirements.

ITL practices Project Management (PMI) Methodologies aligned with SDLC Standards in implementing the customizable solutions achieving a cost-effective delivery.

As part of the Applications Development life cycle we demonstrate

A comprehensive end-to-end documentation right from the project inception phase.
Strong Customer Collaboration in attaining the optimum customer need.
Ensured Software Quality & Performance, through various testing phases.
Achieving Milestones to meet the deadlines.

The Challenge

In any application development project, the major concerns of the key stakeholders are the cost & the delivery timelines. ITL adopt best practices in meeting these challenges in every phase of the project. Our experienced functional consultants will work closely with the business team to attain the optimum functional specification transforming the business knowledge to technology. ITL PMO will ensure the project teams are working cohesively in attaining effective implementation increasing user satisfaction & optimizing the IT returns for the client.

The Solution

With an application development and maintenance solution from ITL, you can expect for a full scope of development, implementation and ongoing management services. Our PMP certified project management teams will be effectively managing the project acitivity to keep the solution on track towards delivery. To help you achieve high performance, our service level agreements will address the entire development and maintenance cycle, including project delivery, service delivery, performance management and service optimization.

The Benefit

We help you drive higher returns on your IT spend. With our strong focus on demand management, we provide greater control and predictability by helping you to contain fixed expenses and unforeseen spikes and optimize capital expenditures. Overall, we help you to shift your IT spend to value-generating initiatives, where you can increase your speed-to-value and improve prioritization.