Smart Property is an end-to-end property management software to manage your properties effectively.It makes your life easy for tracking Vacant Apartments, Rents Receivables & Contracts that are nearly expiring.The system is supported on all the devices to provide you the information required on your fingertips.

Get Organized
Focus on what matters

Manage Your Revenue.
Expand your Portfolio.

Happy Tenants
Happy Owners

Tracks Withhold Tax

System will automatically track the withhold tax that is applied on the rent. Further it will also assist you to track whether withhold certificate is received from the client if the client pays the withhold tax.

Tracks VAT Exempted Invoices

System will also keep track of the VAT exempted invoices for you to have better control over the accounts.

Various Reports

System has various reporting such as Client Statement, Client Ledger, Cash Collection, Daily Invoices & many more reports that will enable you to manage your properties effectively, efficiently and in an organized manner.

Store Documents Electronically

You can store scanned documents such as contracts, inventory or any other document in the system so that you can retrieve them on your fingertips.

Contract Management

System organizes your contract management to centralize it. Further as you create the contract you can create a rent payment schedules to track the due rents and contract renewals.

Track your Due Rents & Service Charges

System will keep track of due rents and service charges from your tenants until it is paid. System will also show the complete chart of rent paid and balance rent from your tenants.

Sends Email & SMS Reminders

System will facilitate you to remind your tenants via Emails or SMS for the due rent or service charges so that they pay on time. This organizes your payment collection and follow-up.

Issues Proforma’s & Invoice’s

You can directly issue Proforma & Invoices from the system. You can design your own company logo and upload to appear on these document.

Tracks Expenditure

System will organize your expenditures that occurs while maintaining your properties. Further it will show you the expenses occurred for the particular property or apartment for the given period.

Occupancy Management

Gives you a detailed overview of the apartments that are vacant or occupied. If occupied it shows tenant details and the contract period.

Provides information on your Finger Tips

Smart Property will enable you to see the instant information regarding your occupancy status, due rent and receivables just on your fingertips, which will give you a better control over your operations

Organizes your Operation

Smart Property will entirely organize your operations by centralizing contract management process, sending automated email & SMS reminders, tracking of due rents and their receivables, expenditure and managing tax payments.

Saves Time

Smart Property will provide instant information on your fingertips whether it concerns Occupancy, Due Rent or Contract Renewals and thus saves tremendous manual work.

Access Anywhere

Smart Property is a web based system that will enable you to access your properties information any place and at any time.

Gives you more control

Smart Property gives you an edge over your operations with all the information at your disposal.

Support Multi-Companies

System supports you to create multiple companies, if required to manage your properties independently. Further, system can consolidate the data from all the companies to provide you a consolidated view.

Support Mobile Devices

System is mobile friendly thus it can be accessed on mobile phones or tablets. This will enable you to access the information on the go.

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