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Smart Policy provides wings to drive our passion. Passionate to change the way insurance business is operated by the use of Technology using b2b Portals, Mobile Apps, Websites & USSD Apps. 

Smart Policy is been recognized at the Tanzania Insurance Awards 2019 which was hosted by the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority & Insurance Institute of Tanzania. 

We are a Cloud-Based Insurance Platform that brings stakeholders of the insurance industry such as Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents, Assessors, Regulatory & Monitoring Authority on a single platform for their various operational needs.

The platform enables the stakeholders of the industry to use a single platform to carry out effective risk management and seamless operations.

For Insurance Companies, the platform enables to connect with their brokers and agents. Thus with the single system, the intermediaries can sell all kinds of insurance products for the insurance company with applied controls. This makes it extremely cost-effective to the insurance companies, as they do not have to embark upon multiple software products for their multiple insurance products.

For the direct payment markets, Smart Policy Platform can integrate with the payment platforms to facilitate direct payments to the insurance company. The payment can happen over Mobile Money or Bank Payments. Smart Policy can easily integrate with any telecom gateway or bank payment gateway to do the needful.

For Insurance Brokers and Agents the platform enables them to run their entire operation on this system, thus their renewals, claims, the settlement with customers, settlement with insurers & regulatory returns are handled with zero hassles. The platform enables the broker and agent to sell insurance products in their Offices, Mobile Vehicles, Shopping Malls & wherever they can reach on their feet. Thus it provides a wide expansion of their traditional business executing it at the doorstep of the customer.

Smart Policy is a state-of-art platform, which revolutionizes the operations of insurance industry beyond traditional execution.

Date: March 21, 2016
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